Bond Lane Bridge Repairs Update From Tarmac

As you are probably aware, for some time now we have been working on plans to repair the wall at Bond Lane.

In May 2018 we carried out initial tests to identify the scope of the necessary works.  In February this year, we conducted further tests on the ground, to help us understand the repair options available to us. Once the engineers had analysed the results – and developed the final design plans for the works – we submitted our planning application to Leicestershire County Council Highways Department.

In mid July this year, we started construction of the gabion baskets which would make up the retaining wall on the south side of Bond Lane – uphill/west of the first bridge.

However, no sooner had we started work than the weather took a severe turn for the worse, considerably delaying even the first stage of the work.

In early August, we started the planned removal of the rock placed to support the retaining walls.  Having cleared away the stone buttressing the walls, it appears that additional work is required in some areas – which will further extend our delivery timetable.

Once we have resolved this issue, we then need to move on to:

  • installing the soil anchoring bolts and walings (horizontal supports for reinforcing upright materials), to stabilise the retaining walls on both bridges
  • sheet piling works to stabilise the embankment behind the failed set of retaining walls
  • repairing the bridge decksteel structure
  • replacing the sheeting above the bridge
  • building the stone wall to replace the failed section
  • completing the final landscaping and tidying up.






I’m sure you will understand that trying to repair any structure which is 100 years old can be a somewhat unpredictable process – even without taking into account the vagaries of the English weather.


As a company, we are determined to deliver the strongest and most stable engineering bridge replacement possible – while at the same time playing homage to the historic context and materials of the original bridges.


We will provide further updates as and when we can on this project.