Over recent weeks we have seen an increase in thefts of vehicle catalytic converters.  Vans and 4x4s have traditionally been attacked, but recently they have been targeting Honda vehicles, including smaller ones like the Honda Jazz.

The criminals have been quite blatant, attacking vehicles during the day at shopping centres and park and ride sites, as well as outside of private addresses.

We are taking action to identify and target those involved but need motorists to be vigilant and to contact the police if they see anything suspicious (recently, a motorist found some men in a van messing underneath their car.  When the motorist challenged them, they apologised, explained that they accidentally had the wrong car then went on to remove the catalytic converter from the vehicle in the next parking bay!)

Please consider taking some crime prevention measures such as:
1. Parking in a well lit area at night
2. Parking close to building entrances or the nearest road in car parks so there is more chance of people seeing anyone interfering with it.
3. If you have a garage then park your car inside with the door shut
4. Consider installing CCTV where you park your car
5. If you have a suitable one then consider adjusting the security system on your vehicle so that it activates from vibrations
6. Consider installing a catalytic converter security device.

Rod Smart