Mountsorrel Cemetery


 In order to protect the appearance and dignity of the Cemetery, and also allow regular maintenance surrounding the plots, please note the following revised Policy, issued by Mountsorrel Parish Council, effective from October 2017.


Cemetery plotsHeadstones and flower vases only are permitted.

Decorative items including windmills, lights, teddy bears etc., are not permitted and Mountsorrel Parish Council reserves the right to remove anything placed on graves deemed unsuitable or inappropriate.The Parish Council also reserves the right to remove any existing decorations, kerbs, fencing etc., if they are not properly maintained by the family of the deceased or if they prove hazardous or obstructive in any way, to either contractors or machinery whilst Cemetery maintenance work is being carried out.


Garden of remembrance plots

in addition to the above, headstones/memorials in this area must not exceed 21 inches high x 18 inches wide (maximum 21 inches at base) x 12 inches deep, inclusive of base, but excluding foundation which should be flush with the ground.


Memorial Stones

All memorials/headstones/plaques etc., are subject to the approval of the Parish Council and written confirmation must be obtained, together with applicable charges paid, prior to being erected – usually via Funeral Director or Stonemason, but can be direct with the Council.

Once erected, Memorial Stones become the responsibility of the owner and the Parish Council accepts no liability for any damage caused.  However, the Parish Council do carry out routine safety inspections on Memorials to ensure the safety of staff and other persons visiting the Cemetery.


Disposal of waste soil from new graves

When digging a new grave, the top soil should be moved to the allotted compound area within Mountsorrel Cemetery, where it will be reserved for topping up sunken graves, as and when deemed necessary, during the six months following interment that Mountsorrel Parish Council retains responsibility.

Thereafter, responsibility for the grave falls to the families of the deceased for the statutory period of 70 years from the date of purchase.

All other soil and waste material should be removed from Mountsorrel Cemetery by the gravedigger to an authorised recycling site. Under no circumstances, should this be left or distributed elsewhere in the cemetery without prior agreement or arrangement with Mountsorrel Parish Council.


Residential Status

Local residents are defined as those who were resident in the Parish at the date of death and residents that have had to leave the Parish for the purposes of care only subject to a maximum period of 10 years.



Where an exclusive right to a grave is surrendered and the appropriate paperwork including the original Deed of Grant is returned to the Parish Council, the owner of the grave will be entitled to a refund subject to a deduction of an administration fee of £15 .

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