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Council Administration

Once a year (at the May meeting), Members elect a Chair and Vice-Chair, and decide who will represent the Parish Council on Council committees and any relevant outside organisations. Details of these committees can be found on the Parish Precept page and when these committees meet can be found on the Meetings Calendar.

Every four years there is an election, and anyone over 18 years who is resident or lives within a 3 mile radius may stand. The Council can have up to 13 Councillors (11 Mountsorrel Ward and 2 Castle Ward). At the first meeting of a new Council the Members have to sign an Acceptance of Office and agree to abide by the adopted Code of Counduct.

Members also have to complete and sign a Register of Interests and declare personal and prejudicial intersts in any relevant matter on the Agenda.

The Council operates to Standing Orders and Financial Regulations tailored to the Parish Council.

The actions of the Parish Council are undertaken by a Proper Officer (Clerk to the Council) and Responsible Finance Officer. Their role is to ensure that the Council functions correctly and that the finances are well managed. The admin assistant assists with this. The Parish Caretaker ensures the Parish Room and Office is kept clean and unlocks/locks the Parish Room for bookings. The Pavilion Caretaker ensures the Memorial Playing Field Pavilion is kept clean and does litter picking. The General maintenance employee checks the play equipment, ensures the play areas are kept clean and does some maintenance and repairs. The Cemetery gardener ensures the Cemetery is kept neat and tidy.

See the Register of Interests page for more information.

The Council’s Structure and Scheme of Delegations is available by clicking on the link below