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Mountsorrel Parish Council is responsible for setting the Parish Precept. This money is given to the Parish by Charnwood Borough Council, which in turn comes from you – the Council Tax payer.

The total budget for the year 2017/18 is £289,736 but the proposed precept, the amount collected from ratepayers as a component of the Council Tax, will be £207,276, £58,000 is coming from the Parish Council reserves and £3,130 is coming from a grant from Charnwood Borough Council.


Cemetery, Conservation & Environment Committee: £62,201
Recreation & Amenities Committee: £23,510
Planning & Highways Committee: £8,000
Full Council: £196,025

Money is allocated to various committees of the Parish Council who are responsible for various aspects of the Parish Council’s spending. Each of these committees meet regularly to discuss the various issues arising.

Cemetery, Conservation & Environment Committee

This committee is responsible for the Cemetery, Parish Room and Common Land.

The committee is responsible for the up-keep and maintenance of the cemetery as well as setting the charges for burials, erection of memorials and other matters appertaining to the cemetery.

Parish Room
The committee is responsible for the general up-keep of the Parish Room as well as considering any requirements for improvement. They are also responsible for setting the charges for the hiring of the room.

Common Land
This includes areas such as The Green, The Peace Garden, Castle Hill and The Pinfold. Upkeep, maintenance and enhancements are the main concerns, but this committee is also responsible for the various monuments around the village including the Knight in Castle Park and the Swan on Crown Lane. The Christmas lights are also dealt with by this committee and it also considers what improvements could be made to the environment in Mountsorrel.

This committee considers what improvements could be made to the environment in Mountsorrel and says that since the village was bypassed many improvements have been made but there is still more that needs to be done. The committee is considering a long list of projects which it says will take many years to complete.

Recreation & Amenities Committee

This committee oversees all the playing fields and the allotments with regard to maintenance and upkeep.

There are three playing fields: the Memorial Playing Fields on Leicester Road; Halstead Road Playing Fields and Loughborough Road Playing Fields. Two of these have recently had new play equipment installed and the committee is currently looking at plans for new equipment on Halstead Road.

There are 14 allotments on Halstead Road and a long waiting list of Parishioners wanting an allotment. This committee is looking into the possibility of finding extra land for more allotments.

Planning and Highways Committee

Mountsorrel Parish Council is consulted by Charnwood Borough Council on all planning applications received for the Parish of Mountsorrel. Comments are made by the committee as to the suitability of the plans and these are forwarded together with of any items of local knowledge that may be useful to the Borough Council. The Parish Council can accept the plans or object to them but does not have a say on the final decision – this is made by Charnwood Borough Council.

Councillors are also advised of plans for roads, changes to no waiting areas, bus stop locations and other matters involving highways.

Agendas and minutes from the Parish Council meetings and all of the above committees are publicised on the websites.

We hope you have found this information useful and should you have any comments, please contact the Parish Council via e-mail: or by telephone on 0116 2303809.